Mount and Blade Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is the eagerly awaited sequel to the acclaimed medieval combat simulator and role-playing game Mount & Blade: Warband. Set 200 years before, it expands both the detailed fighting system and the world of Calradia. Bombard mountain fastnesses with siege engines, establish secret criminal empires in the back alleys of cities, or charge into the thick of chaotic battles in your quest for power. As a Junior Sound Designer I worked with the sound designer to create new sound assets as the game progresses and implemented them in Fmod middleware. We were also in charge of putting the sound assets to the engine itself whenever needed or refer them in Xml documents to bind them with animations. I also worked as a contractor for the whole E3 promotional materials to design the sounds, cut and edit music for and mix them for both the teaser trailers and the gameplay walkthroughs.

No Heroes Here

As a 2 award winning game in development( Best Social Game in Game Connection Developers Awards, Brazilian Government Grant Award) No Heroes Here features a spicy mix of tower defense and simulation, resulting in an explosive and frantic experience that either builds friendship or crushes it. In the role of the non-heroes, the players must craft different types of ammunition, feed them to cannons and rain molten destruction over their enemies, however, such process requires lots of teamwork and coordination from them, creating a unique feel that both renews and binds the genres together. As the only sound contractor for this project I’m in charge of the whole soundscape of the game, other than composing, from designing more than 300 original sound assets to implementing them in Wwise and mixing the game. Additionally I am also in charge of choosing voice actors, programming recording sessions and editing the vocals for the game. I also advise the audio programmer about any Wwise-Unity integrator related issues and advise the composing team about the music. Besides I also implement the horizontal music pieces the composing team provides into vertical pieces for different battle intensities to support the gameplay. Finally I am also in charge of designing, editing and mixing the sounds for all promotional videos like trailers and development vlogs.


Latarnix is a 3D puzzle game where the player needs to hit crates in certain areas to progress. With different crate types and several traps to get through, Latarnix promises and delivers a funtime to the players. For the Latarnix I design all original sound assets and implement them in Wwise. I also choose voice actors, program recording sessions and edit vocals for the project. I am also in charge of the whole mix of the project.

Headventures in the Underworld

Headventures in the Underworld is a 3D isometric co-op action game with a colorful but spooky aesthetic where players control the Body and the Head of their character separately from each other in order to attack enemies and solve puzzles using their Head, and evade enemies and collect items with their Body. Winner of the Best Final Game Award in Vancouver Film School(2016). As the audio coordinator of the project, I managed a team of 3(myself included) sound designers to create the whole soundscape of the game. As it was a student project and the programmers were inexperienced about Wwise, I directed them to the right places for integration and advised them about any Wwise-Unity integration problems. As a sound designer, I was mostly in charge of the more magical SFX, GUI SFX, ambiances and attacks of characters and the enemies. We also recorded and edited more than 400 lines of dialogue for the project with 6 voice actors. Finally, I was also in charge of the implementation of the game in Wwise other than music and also the final mix of the game.