Mount and Blade


Designed and mixed sounds for E3 2016 trailers of Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

in the Underworld

Audio Coordinator, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer

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Headventures in the Underworld


Sound Designer

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Headventures in the Underworld

Heroes Here

Sound Designer, Sound Mixer

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Headventures in the Underworld

Shift 2

Waves Sound Design Competition 2011

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Shift 2


The projects that I’ve worked on or working on right now could be found here. With the help and work of some great teammates, I always strive to make the best soundscape I can in every single one of them.


Waterfall Detail
Shift 2
Creature Shout
Lava Sizzle With Bubbles
Birds Ambiance
Portal Object Teleport
Doepfer Ringtone
Trailer Music Composition Sample

Latest Articles

Here you can find some of my ideas and thoughts about game audio or audio in general. Feel free to use them as long as you give me credit. Also I would love to hear your thoughts or questions.

Audio Middle Wares in a Programmer’s Perspective

Audio middle wares like FMod and Wwise are third party soft wares that let you implement audio in a much simpler fashion than hard-coding it into the game engine itself. In addition to being relatively simpler, they also give the user more advanced functionalities

Interruptable Dialog System

Over the years of gaming one of the things that really bothered me and put me out of the game was the dialog not reacting to the environment and what’s happening. One particular example happened in the game Prince of Persia: Two Thrones as the prince and the dark prince continued talking while I was trying to fight enemies. It made me lose track of the conversation and that part of the story so I wanted to come up with a solution using the Wwise middleware and I’ve come up with this interruptable dialog system.

Dynamic Ambience System

When I focused more on dynamic audio one of the things that I wanted to explore more is ambiences and how they change accordingly. To do that, I have developed an ambience system prototype that is relying less on the samples themselves and more on the diversity of variables and interaction of the RTPC’s. For this project I have categorized the city ambience into 5 categories...

About Me

Arts, sports,music and gaming nerd who has a passion to create the best possible experience for the people.
Hi everyone and welcome to my website. Whether you are looking a teammate or maybe a bit of an inspiration and knowledge, I hope you found what you were looking for in here. Just a little bit about me...
I recently graduated from the Sound Design for Visual Media program at the Vancouver Film School with honours and mastering a number of skill sets pertaining to sound. During the program, I worked on a number of school film projects, game trailers and video games and was exposed to all facets of the audio world, from Foley sound editing and mixing for film(5.1, LCRS, Stereo etc.) and television to game audio. In addition to the game audio skills, I also have a Computer Science bachelors degree and getting my master’s on it to help me along the programming side of game audio and audio itself so I can have more control over what I design.
Even though I enjoy almost every aspect of video games, I even thought I was good at photoshop so tried some 3d modelling and failed miserably on it, I found out that my passion lies with game audio – that magic place where sound design meets code. I love the idea of building up simple components and connecting them to build up big and complex systems. Especially seeing a system exceed even your expectations is truly a magical moment. One other thing that I really enjoy is to make ADR recordings or VO work with actors. I truly enjoy trying to bring out the best in an actor and get them to the right emotional mindset and I even have the bruises to prove it, though I wouldn’t recommend other people giving an actor a water bottle and letting them hit you in the arm until they feel aggressive enough.
I have also had the opportunity to record sound at a number of fascinating places with some versatile objects, allowing me to build an extensive personal collection of audio clips and sounds to be used in future projects.
Besides these, as a session musician who has worked over 30 songs as a guitarist in different genres(one of them was even melodic mathcore which I still don’t know what it is) and who has been into the music scene for about 10 years, I also have the necessary skills to edit or create music if a project needed one. The music knowledge also gives me the mindset to play with the dynamics of a soundscape to make it even more impactful or simply have the ear to tune or detune a sound if needed. Also working as an arranger for a couple musicals( one was an adaptation of Book of Mormon and was one of the most fun projects that I have worked on) I grasped the fact that every element should complement each other rather than compete.
Throughout my career until now, I worked with or get taught by amazing people to get even better at my craft; because of this I’m always upto some brain picking, brainstorming or a beer with other gaming nerds or normal people.
Sound design is truly my passion. And I hope for the opportunity to share this with you.

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I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to ask on anything you wonder, answer or comment.